Surviving a Stag Do – Our Ultimate Guide

When it comes to surviving a stag do you need all the help you can get, because one wrong move and you’re face down in a shady strip club quicker than you can say “I do”. Thankfully there are a few golden rules that will help you survive even the wildest stag dos though, and with our help you’re guaranteed to be the last man standing.

1). Fuel Up

Every stag party has one, the “eating is cheating” guy, unfortunately he also doubles as the projectile vomiting in a kebab shop guy, and that’s why he’s not to be trusted. Eating isn’t cheating it just happens to rhyme, and if you’re going to stand any chance of survival it’s essential you fuel up. The experts recommend filling up on carbs before a big night, but even a few bags of scratchings will buy you a bit of time.

2). Pace Yourself

Modern day stags can last anything from a few days to a full week, so it’s important you pace yourself – and we don’t just mean nursing the odd pint! If you hit the first night too hard you’ll pay the price big time and the last thing you want to do is miss out on any of the fun. Even the best of us get caught up in the first night’s festivities and there’s no shame in sinking a few shots, just make sure you’ve got plenty left in the tank for the main event.

3). Choose Your Drinking Buddy Carefully

You meet all sorts of characters on a stag do, some good, some bad and some downright dangerous. One bloke who falls into the latter category is the seasoned stag party goer, who drinks like a fish and somehow survives to tell the tale. Get into a round with this bloke and it’s game over, because not only has he seen it all, he’s drunk it all.

4). Avoid Drinking Forfeits

Call us old fashioned, but we think a blokes final night of freedom should be sacred, which means no incriminating Insta stories, no Snapchats from the strip club and definitely no checking-in with the missus. What happens on a stag do stays a secret until the best man’s speech, them’s the rules. Anyone who breaks those rules should expect a forfeit, and this particular premarital punishment is usually dished out in the form of a back of the shelf cocktail that contains enough ingredients to end your night in an instant. Cider, Sambuca, scratchings, you name it it’s probably all in there.

5). Avoid Hen Parties

If you thought stag dos were wild, think again! Until you’ve encountered a hoard of rampaging hens you ain’t seen nothing. Not only will they out drink you, they’ll definitely out dance you and given half a chance they’ll probably out fight you. Trust us on this one, steer well clear.

6). Hydrate

Nobody wants to be that guy, but if you can handle the abuse the occasional pint of water will pay off big time. Now, you could try pass it off as vodka, but nobody’s buying that, so instead go crazy with the cordial, stick a straw in it, add an umbrella and call it a cocktail. Now who looks like an idiot!

Have you got any stag party survival tips? Let us know in the comments below and we could feature them in our next post!

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