Stag Party Combat Archery – hitting your mates never felt so good!

We know it’s not exactly breaking news, but hitting your mates with stuff is fun. The TV remote, your fist, anything you can get your hands on really. As long as it doesn’t end in a trip to A&E it’s all fair game.

The art of battering your bezzies is about to change for good though, and it’s going to get even more awesome thanks to a brutal new bow sport known as combat archery. OK, so combat archery’s not that new any more, but unbelievably there are still some stags who have no idea what they’re missing out on, so we’ll put this as simply as possible – you and the lads can now battle it out in giant bow and arrow fights for adults. Let that sink in for a minute, giant bow and arrow fights.. what a time to be alive!

These aren’t like the bow and arrow fights you had as a kid either, there’s no annoying little suction cups to lick, no snapped strings and no chance of your mum shouting you in for your tea mid-battle. That’s not all though, combat archery battles borrow some of the best bits from dodgeball too. The action starts with a charge to the centre of the pitch to grab your kit just like in dodgeball, you eliminate players with a direct hit or by catching one of their arrows just like in dodgeball, and if you win you take home $50,000 and save Average Joe’s Gym just like in Dodgeball. OK, the last one’s a lie, we just want to be friends with Steve The Pirate..

The weapons you’ll be let loose with aren’t exactly kid toys either, unless of course you were one of those spoilt kids who got their hands on a full-size recurve bow aged eight? No, us neither, and that’s why racing to grab a bow at the start of a game of combat archery is guaranteed to be the most exciting 10 seconds of your life! Then there’s the specially adapted ‘safe’ arrows, which unlike standard arrows won’t impale or kill you, which is always a huge plus. Now, we know what you’re thinking, where’s the fun in that? But trust us on this one, you can do plenty of damage with a foam-tipped arrow and it’s probably for the best that everybody survives the stag do and makes it to the wedding in one piece.

By this point you’re probably already thinking about destroying your mates in a game of combat archery, so why fight it? It doesn’t even need to be your stag do, we’re talking about giant bow and arrow fights here, you definitely don’t need an excuse. Sure it’s the perfect stag activity and yadda yadda yadda, but GIANT BOW AND ARROW FIGHTS! What’s not to love?

To get in on the action and find your nearest combat archery battle zone head over to, we promise you won’t regret it!





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