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Stag Party Combat Archery – hitting your mates never felt so good! Fri, 25 Aug 2017 09:17:00 +0000 We know it’s not exactly breaking news, but hitting your mates with stuff is fun. The TV remote, your fist, anything you can get your hands on really. As long as it doesn’t end in a trip to A&E it’s all fair game.

The art of battering your bezzies is about to change for good though, and it’s going to get even more awesome thanks to a brutal new bow sport known as combat archery. OK, so combat archery’s not that new any more, but unbelievably there are still some stags who have no idea what they’re missing out on, so we’ll put this as simply as possible – you and the lads can now battle it out in giant bow and arrow fights for adults. Let that sink in for a minute, giant bow and arrow fights.. what a time to be alive!

These aren’t like the bow and arrow fights you had as a kid either, there’s no annoying little suction cups to lick, no snapped strings and no chance of your mum shouting you in for your tea mid-battle. That’s not all though, combat archery battles borrow some of the best bits from dodgeball too. The action starts with a charge to the centre of the pitch to grab your kit just like in dodgeball, you eliminate players with a direct hit or by catching one of their arrows just like in dodgeball, and if you win you take home $50,000 and save Average Joe’s Gym just like in Dodgeball. OK, the last one’s a lie, we just want to be friends with Steve The Pirate..

The weapons you’ll be let loose with aren’t exactly kid toys either, unless of course you were one of those spoilt kids who got their hands on a full-size recurve bow aged eight? No, us neither, and that’s why racing to grab a bow at the start of a game of combat archery is guaranteed to be the most exciting 10 seconds of your life! Then there’s the specially adapted ‘safe’ arrows, which unlike standard arrows won’t impale or kill you, which is always a huge plus. Now, we know what you’re thinking, where’s the fun in that? But trust us on this one, you can do plenty of damage with a foam-tipped arrow and it’s probably for the best that everybody survives the stag do and makes it to the wedding in one piece.

By this point you’re probably already thinking about destroying your mates in a game of combat archery, so why fight it? It doesn’t even need to be your stag do, we’re talking about giant bow and arrow fights here, you definitely don’t need an excuse. Sure it’s the perfect stag activity and yadda yadda yadda, but GIANT BOW AND ARROW FIGHTS! What’s not to love?

To get in on the action and find your nearest combat archery battle zone head over to, we promise you won’t regret it!





Surviving a Stag Do – Our Ultimate Guide Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:35:31 +0000 When it comes to surviving a stag do you need all the help you can get, because one wrong move and you’re face down in a shady strip club quicker than you can say “I do”. Thankfully there are a few golden rules that will help you survive even the wildest stag dos though, and with our help you’re guaranteed to be the last man standing.

1). Fuel Up

Every stag party has one, the “eating is cheating” guy, unfortunately he also doubles as the projectile vomiting in a kebab shop guy, and that’s why he’s not to be trusted. Eating isn’t cheating it just happens to rhyme, and if you’re going to stand any chance of survival it’s essential you fuel up. The experts recommend filling up on carbs before a big night, but even a few bags of scratchings will buy you a bit of time.

2). Pace Yourself

Modern day stags can last anything from a few days to a full week, so it’s important you pace yourself – and we don’t just mean nursing the odd pint! If you hit the first night too hard you’ll pay the price big time and the last thing you want to do is miss out on any of the fun. Even the best of us get caught up in the first night’s festivities and there’s no shame in sinking a few shots, just make sure you’ve got plenty left in the tank for the main event.

3). Choose Your Drinking Buddy Carefully

You meet all sorts of characters on a stag do, some good, some bad and some downright dangerous. One bloke who falls into the latter category is the seasoned stag party goer, who drinks like a fish and somehow survives to tell the tale. Get into a round with this bloke and it’s game over, because not only has he seen it all, he’s drunk it all.

4). Avoid Drinking Forfeits

Call us old fashioned, but we think a blokes final night of freedom should be sacred, which means no incriminating Insta stories, no Snapchats from the strip club and definitely no checking-in with the missus. What happens on a stag do stays a secret until the best man’s speech, them’s the rules. Anyone who breaks those rules should expect a forfeit, and this particular premarital punishment is usually dished out in the form of a back of the shelf cocktail that contains enough ingredients to end your night in an instant. Cider, Sambuca, scratchings, you name it it’s probably all in there.

5). Avoid Hen Parties

If you thought stag dos were wild, think again! Until you’ve encountered a hoard of rampaging hens you ain’t seen nothing. Not only will they out drink you, they’ll definitely out dance you and given half a chance they’ll probably out fight you. Trust us on this one, steer well clear.

6). Hydrate

Nobody wants to be that guy, but if you can handle the abuse the occasional pint of water will pay off big time. Now, you could try pass it off as vodka, but nobody’s buying that, so instead go crazy with the cordial, stick a straw in it, add an umbrella and call it a cocktail. Now who looks like an idiot!

Have you got any stag party survival tips? Let us know in the comments below and we could feature them in our next post!

Newquay – The only destination for a summer stag do Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:15:46 +0000

This visually stunning seaside resort has proven hugely popular amongst stag’s this month and with the summer months just on the horizon, it’s only going to get more and more popular – so come find out what the amazing stag destination of Newquay has to offer the future groom to be as you celebrate his last night of freedom in style!

Stag Activities

Jet Skiing

Take the lads down to the Cornish coast as they explore the breathtaking beaches and rugged coastline on the back of our powerful and speedy Yamaha Waverunners in a truly amazing, adrenaline-filled, heart-racing stag activity to remember!

Quad Biking

Provide your stag group with the ultimate, banter-filled, hilariously fun stag activity of quad biking as they get behind the wheel of our extremely powerful, speedy, petrol-fuelled adult Yamaha Breeze quad bikes and rip-roar around our 1.2km track – packed with over 17 corners and 7 large jumps, making it the largest track in the country!


Revitalise the stag group from the messy night before or energise them in wake of the night ahead as you take part in the adrenaline-filled, scary and exhilarating stag activity of coasteering! You and the stag group will scramble your way around the picturesque Cornwall coastline and try and overcome the treacherous obstacles that will confront you – you’ll even get the opportunity to cliff dive and check out sea caves in a truly memorable experience!

Nightlife – The Bars, Pubs and Clubs

After you and the lads have participated in one of our amazing adrenaline-filled ice breaking stag activities, you’ll be all set up for your amazing night out in the prime stag party destination of Newquay! Want to knows what bars, pubs and clubs are on offer throughout the town? Read on.

Tom Thumb

This beautiful small establishment is the perfect place to kick-off your stag party as you enjoy the premium cocktails available and the extensive range of spirits, wines, beers and ciders as you and the stag group sit back and get into the mood for the wild night ahead!


Winner of the best bar and best overall service in Newquay’s ‘Bar and Venue Awards’, this has quickly become the meeting place for everyone going out on the town! You can enjoy a whole range of wines, craft beers, local ciders, ales, spirits and as the night progress’ Whiskers has incredible live music and funky DJ’s to get the stag party started!


This sports bar is the perfect place to start your stag do as you sit down, watch the sport, and get in the drinks! Burgers and global foods are also served here, but eating is cheating remember.

The Chy Bar and Koola

This boisterous seaside stag destination covers all your stag party needs. Starting off the day as a normal bar as the night progresses it evolves into one of the most liveliest party venues in Newquay as its Koola club opens up!


Never get turned away… Thu, 25 May 2017 15:25:12 +0000 Stagzilla Nightlife Passes

Whether it’s power mad bouncers, a below par best man or just poor planning, the traditional stag night out can turn south quicker than a dodgy kebab – and no man should have to suffer the indignity of having to head home early on his final night of freedom. No, at Stagzilla we believe you should be treated like the true VIPs that you are, which means no queues, no outrageous entry fees and no run-ins with the men in black!

That’s not all though, a Stagzilla nightlife pass also gets you:

Guaranteed entry to the best bars..

Whatever the town, whatever the city, we know all the best stag-friendly bars for you and the boys to sink a few beers in before you hit the clubs. Regardless of group size you’ll be welcomed with open arms, and they’ll even forgive your mate Steve for those shocking shoes.

Guaranteed entry to the biggest clubs..

No stag do would be complete without throwing a few shapes at the end of the night, and you can count on us to get you into the UK’s biggest clubs. You can forget queueing too, with guest list entry you’ll skip the queues and head straight for the dance floor.

Guaranteed entry to the hottest strip clubs..

There’s only one place to end your final night of freedom – and no it’s not hysterically crying in your local fast food restaurant! (Steve again). It’s at a strip club, and with our nightlife passes you’re guaranteed entry to the classiest strip clubs in town. Don’t worry your secret’s safe with us!

We can’t promise you won’t wake up with the mother of all hangovers, and we can’t even promise you’ll make it down the aisle in one piece, but what we can promise is that you’ll have the night of your life! So why not add a Stagzilla nightlife pass to your stag party and really make the most of your final night of freedom.

Breaking the ice on a Stag Do… Thu, 04 May 2017 08:47:05 +0000 So, you’ve organised the stag party, you’ve got every one of your best mates closest friend’s around to celebrate his last night of freedom, you might have even brought his boss into the mix for the special occasion, now what? Now it’s time to bring them all together by providing them with the ultimate stag ice-breaking activity! Struggling for ideas? Do not fear, Stagzilla is here.

1. Introduce – You’re the chosen one, so it’s your job as best man to introduce the stag group to one another upon arrival at your stag destination!

2. T-Shirts – A good way of introducing people to one another is through the use of custom-made stag T-Shirts! Provide them with a funny nickname and put their affiliation to the groom on it so people in the stag party know who he is. You can even put stag dares on the T-Shirts too! Upon completing a dare, the groom will tick it off, the one with the least amount of ticks by the end of the night suffers the stags consequences!

3. Drinking Games – Nothing breaks the ice at a stag parties like drinking games, so get in the beers and grab a pack of cards and have a game of ‘Ring of fire’, or play a simple yet effective game of ‘red or black’ where the stags try and guess the colour of the card – if they get it wrong, they drink a shot.

4. Activities – You don’t always have to be drunk to bring the stag group together, why not provide them with an adrenaline-filled, competitive, hilariously fun stag activity! With a wide range of stag activities to choose from, including the popular stag events of bubble football, go karting and paintballing, you’ll definitely find one to suit the needs of your stag group!

5. Pranks – There’s no better way to bring everyone together than through a joyous stag prank at your best mates expense as you fully embarrass the groom to be!

Now you’ve seen our 5 tips on how to the break the ice at a stag party, you’re guaranteed to throw the perfect stag do for the future groom to be! With that in mind, Stagzilla would like to be the first to congratulate you on your triumph – just don’t forget to send your best man to Stagzilla when your stag do is in the pipeline!

Best of Blackpool: Ultimate Stag Guide Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:00:43 +0000 Once named as Britain’s answer to Las Vegas, Blackpool never really lived up to the hype – but now it’s back with a vengeance! Boasting a whole range of vibrant clubs, elegant bars and historic pubs, it’s no wonder that Blackpool has been named our stag city of the month and here’s why!

Stag Activities


Provide the stag party with the perfect adrenaline-filled, competitive, banter-filled stag activity as you go head-to-head with the lads in an authentic Formula One experience at our amazing Blackpool karting venue! You’ll race across our 750m which is packed full of high-speed straights and sweeping bends, taking control of our Twin Honda GX160 engine reaching speeds of up to 60mph! Stag karting doesn’t get any more intense than this.


The perfect stag ice breaking activity, paintballing will set you and the lads up perfectly for the night ahead as you take part in a range of action-packed, intense and competitive stag games at our stag-friendly Blackpool paintballing venue – situated perfectly just moments away from the array of clubs and pubs that await you as the stag do progresses!

Laser Combat

Give the stag party a unique laser skirmish experience as they battle it out in over 240sq metres worth of treacherous woodland in a truly banter-filled stag activity that’ll provide as the perfect platform for your wild night ahead in the popular stag party destination of Blackpool!

Nightlife – The Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Once you and the lads have taken part in one of our thrilling activities, it’s time to hit the town and enjoy the ‘lucky’ groom to be’s last night of freedom! Wanting to know some of the best bars, pubs and clubs in Blackpool? Well look no further

Duke of York

With a huge selection of wines, spirits and beers on hand, this charming pub is the perfect place to start your stag do as you take advantage of the cheap prices and the live sports on TV! Entertainment is also provided on weekends with live music, a DJ and even sometimes a Karaoke.

Bootleg Social

This up-scale alternative late night music bar is home to live music and an amazing range of drinks and food for you and the stag group to enjoy before you head off to the nightclubs

Comedy Station Comedy Club

Get the lads in a banterous mood as you visit the Comedy Station Comedy Club that is guaranteed to provide you with tons of laughs as you kick-start your stag do.

Club Domain

This major nightclub has over 5 spaces to suit your stag do’s various music styles – it even comes with a VIP area and an outdoor terrace for you and the lads to fully enjoy your stag night out!

Stag city of the month – Birmingham Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:13:44 +0000 A mad one in the Midlands is almost impossible to beat, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the UK’s second city. So to help you make the most of your Brummie bender, here’s everything you need to know about celebrating your stag do in Birmingham.

Famous for..

Birmingham is famous for being the UK’s curry capital and home of Cadbury’s chocolate, but we’ve got a lot more to thank the Brummies for than high cholesterol alone. For starters they founded league football, and the city is home to three top flight football clubs, including Prince Williams beloved Aston Villa. Birmingham’s also given us some serious rock and roll royalty too,

and as well as being the birthplace of the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne, rock legends Led Zeppelin also grew up in the second city.


When you’re not working your way round the best of Birmingham’s bars there’s plenty to keep the boys busy, from stag classics like karting and paintball to new favourites like clay pigeon shooting and quad biking.

Karting Birmingham

Packed with high-speed straights and sweeping bends, this full-throttle circuit is tailor-made for sped, and if the track doesn’t bring out the best in you.. the competition definitely will!

Quad Biking Bassets Pole

It’s no secret that stags love a dirty weekend away and you’ll struggle to find anything as fun and filthy as a quad biking – even in Birmingham! With 120 acres of wilderness to explore at our Bassets Pole venue nowhere is off limits, and thanks to the fleet of 150cc quad bikes conquering off-road obstacles couldn’t be any easier.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Hanbury

Taking on a 25 clay shoot is the perfect way to separate the men form the boys, and with a range of traps to set your sights on, our Hanbury shooting ground is the perfect place to experience the rush of blowing clays to pieces.

Paintball Birmingham

Our Birmingham battle zone is tailor-made for stag combat, and features a whole host of themed game zones for you and the lads to run riot in. So whether you’re storming buildings, rescuing hostages or just generally making a mess, you’re in for some serious fun.

Drinking districts

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city and when it comes to choosing where to drink stags are spoilt for choice. You’ll find the best of the bars on Broad Street which is home to a mix of stag favourites and some of the most popular bars in Brum. But if you’re feeling flush or just want to celebrate in style Summer Row is the place to be, and this is where you’ll find some of Birmingham’s most exclusive bars and clubs.

Best of the Bars

The O Bar – O bar is one of the busiest bars on Broad street, and whether you’re throwing shapes or throwing down cocktails there’s nowhere better to start your night.

Players – With three rooms, four bars and one legendary lady dance troop, passing Players really isn’t an option. Good luck getting the lads to the next bar..

Pick of the Pubs

The Post Office Vaults – The Post Office Vaults is one of Birmingham’s most famous pubs due to the staggering selection of beers on offer. As well as eight cask ales, you’ll also find a choice of of over 300 bottled beers to sink your teeth into.

The Bull’s Head – This pub is far from traditional, but that’s definitely not a bad thing and The Bull’s Head’s club nights are the stuff of legend.

Hangover heaven

Birmingham is the UK’s curry capital and if you’re going for a mad one in the Midlands there’s nothing better to settle your stomach. If a legendary Brummie Balti doesn’t bring you back to the land of the living, nothing will!

Why we love Brighton….. Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:40:43 +0000 Sun, sea and a whole array of boisterous nightclubs…nope, this isn’t the Costa del Sol, it’s the UK and Ireland’s premier stag location, Brighton.

Laying host to miles upon miles of glistening sandy beaches, Brighton’s beach is also home to a booming stag nightlife with nightclubs like Coalition right on the seashore providing the perfect platform for you and your stag group to dance the night away to after you’ve topped up that tan. Brighton also has a 200 yard nudist beach for you and your stag party to enjoy, and you’ve got the former local councillor Eileen Jakes to thank for that, opening the beach back in 1979.

Yards away from these gorgeous nude beaches? More nude stuff, Platinum Lace to be precise. Now we’re talking. Platinum Lace is one of the most famous and illustrious stag-friendly Gentleman’s clubs found anywhere in England. It’s the perfect location for you and your stag group to sit back, relax, drink in the booze and see some of the finest women that Brighton’s got to offer as they flaunt their stuff just for you. Oh, and I’m sure the groom to be will enjoy it on his last ever night of freedom – just don’t let the bride catch wind of this joyous stag activity.

Strip club not really the grooms scene? Don’t worry, there’s a plethora of different stag activities for your stag group to partake in, including everything from the insane thrills of Bubble Football to the classy social stag activity of Clay Pigeon Shooting! Still not entertained? Why not let the lads unleash their inner action heroes as they take part in the adrenaline-filled, heart-racing, competitive stag activity of paintballing as you march on down to the stag-friendly paintballing venue based nearby! Situated just an approximate 20 minute drive away from the boisterous city centre, you and the lads will go head-to-head in over 12 unique military-themed scenarios, guaranteed to set you up perfectly for the wild night out ahead

The rowdy stag party strip of Brighton is just minutes away from the beach, with Stagzilla offering you entry into clubs like Revolution, Pryzm, Oceana and Copper Rooms (dependent on availability) – all tailor-made stag party nightclubs that are guaranteed to provide you with an absolutely insane stag night-out.

With all this to explore and more, there’s really no better stag destination than Brighton for any best man out there looking for the perfect stag party location.

Organising a top Stag Do! Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:07:47 +0000 Being chosen as the best man is an honour, but before long you’ll realise that’s it’s an absolute ordeal to organise the stag do! You’ve got to cater for everyone, from the young party-goer to the future groom’s grandad who would risk breaking a hip throwing shapes in a boisterous nightclub. If you’re already starting to panic, don’t worry, we offer you the perfect best man guide on how to organise a stag do to remember.


Seen the ‘Hangover’ movies? Of course, you have. Here’s our first tip…do not copy it. It may look all fun to organise the stag do the night before the big day, but I can assure you there’s nothing worse for the groom to be rocking up to his big day with a mouth drier than Gandhi’s flip flop and a future bride with a face like thunder. Organise the stag event for 2-6 weeks before the wedding day, giving your mate plenty of time to recover before the big day.

Who’s going?

Get the groom to be to create a list of who he wants to come and when it’s most convenient for him, you don’t want to be inviting the guys worst enemy or if you’re planning on going to a strip club, maybe you don’t want the brides dad coming? It’ll be hard to keep on top of numbers and who can come, but create a Facebook or Whatsapp group so you can keep a track of it all.

Where should we go?

Choose a location that you think will best suit the groom. Maybe you can visit his old university location, or his old home town if he’s moved away since then? Our Stagzilla website has loads of different stag locations for you to choose from, everything from the sunny party destination of Bournemouth packed with miles upon miles of award winning beaches or the world famous stag party destination of Newcastle, packed full of elegant bars and booming nightclubs.

A stag activity

You’re going to end up inviting the grooms old university mates, work colleagues and a bunch of other people that you and others might not know. A stag activity is the perfect way to break the ice ahead of the stag party ahead. Stag activities like Paintball, Airsoft and Go Karting are all good ways in introducing people to one another in a fun, competitive, action-packed environment.

Money Money Money

The hardest part of organising any stag do is getting everyone’s money together, lets face it, us lads are useless at this. Lucky for you, Stagzilla is able to offer partial and individual payments – meaning that everyone can pay their share whenever they want meaning you don’t have to hound people and be out of pocket yourself!

See the experts

Organising a stag do is hard and time consuming. Trying to get an event, a hotel and VIP to a nightclub all on the same day is stressful work, so let us do it for you. We’ll find you the best nightclubs, hotels, and stag activities in your chosen stag destination all accommodating to your stag groups budget. With over 15 years worth of experience and over 10 stag party locations across the UK and Ireland to choose from, we’re the best in the business. Have a look at our venues and pick the one that bests suits your stag do or give our stag do experts a call on 0800 078 9510.