Breaking the ice on a Stag Do…

So, you’ve organised the stag party, you’ve got every one of your best mates closest friend’s around to celebrate his last night of freedom, you might have even brought his boss into the mix for the special occasion, now what? Now it’s time to bring them all together by providing them with the ultimate stag ice-breaking activity! Struggling for ideas? Do not fear, Stagzilla is here.

1. Introduce – You’re the chosen one, so it’s your job as best man to introduce the stag group to one another upon arrival at your stag destination!

2. T-Shirts – A good way of introducing people to one another is through the use of custom-made stag T-Shirts! Provide them with a funny nickname and put their affiliation to the groom on it so people in the stag party know who he is. You can even put stag dares on the T-Shirts too! Upon completing a dare, the groom will tick it off, the one with the least amount of ticks by the end of the night suffers the stags consequences!

3. Drinking Games – Nothing breaks the ice at a stag parties like drinking games, so get in the beers and grab a pack of cards and have a game of ‘Ring of fire’, or play a simple yet effective game of ‘red or black’ where the stags try and guess the colour of the card – if they get it wrong, they drink a shot.

4. Activities – You don’t always have to be drunk to bring the stag group together, why not provide them with an adrenaline-filled, competitive, hilariously fun stag activity! With a wide range of stag activities to choose from, including the popular stag events of bubble football, go karting and paintballing, you’ll definitely find one to suit the needs of your stag group!

5. Pranks – There’s no better way to bring everyone together than through a joyous stag prank at your best mates expense as you fully embarrass the groom to be!

Now you’ve seen our 5 tips on how to the break the ice at a stag party, you’re guaranteed to throw the perfect stag do for the future groom to be! With that in mind, Stagzilla would like to be the first to congratulate you on your triumph – just don’t forget to send your best man to Stagzilla when your stag do is in the pipeline!

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